Thursday, November 5, 2009

When I was feeling sooooo Low

I was really at my breaking point, and have been for some time. Seeing other people with their careers, families, boyfriends/husbands, not overweight, and money was constantly making me realize I had nothing. But I woke up after this video. Not too many people have a Master's degree (which I have) or a Ph.D. (which I will obtain in a year and a half), traveled (which I have), a prestigious fellowship from a government agency (shot out to SAMHSA), healthy (although I need to get my BMI down significantly), and single (although I do want to have a relationship in the future) and drama free (I see a lot of people around me settle in relationships just to say "I have a boyfriend").

This video is a must see. I totally did not know what it means to Self I do! 3>me

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